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About Karoon.com

As the largest direct online seller of Persian and international books, music, videos, artwork, and gifts, Karoon features an unparalleled selection of works by renowned and upcoming authors, musicians, and artists from around the world.

In addition to offering the lowest prices available anywhere, Karoon's secure servers make shopping online a safe and enjoyable experience. We are so confident you will enjoy your purchase that every sale is guaranteed 100%. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, simply return the item(s) and we will issue you a full refund.

At Karoon, we are constantly striving to provide you with the highest quality service and products. To that end, your comments and suggestions are always welcome and will be responded to promptly.


The availability estimate on each item's product detail page refers only to how long it will take that item to leave our fulfillment center once you place your order. It does not include the time your order will take to reach you once we ship it. Shipping time depends upon the shipping option you choose.

Please note that our availability estimates are intended for single-copy orders. Orders for multiple copies of the same item may take longer to assemble.

The following is a list of the different types of availability estimates for items on Karoon.com:

  • Ships within 24 hours: we expect to prepare this in-stock item for shipment within 24 hours of your order. Because these items often enter the shipping process immediately, it is difficult to modify an order containing items that usually ship in 24 hours. When ordering such items, please double-check the details of your order before submitting it.
  • Ships within 2-3 days: we expect to receive the item from a nearby distributor and ship it to you within 2 to 3 days of your order.
  • Ships within 3-4 days: we expect to receive the item from a nearby distributor and ship it to you within 3 to 4 days of your order.
  • Ships within 1 week: we expect to receive the item from a nearby distributor and ship it to you within a week of your order.
  • Ships within 2 weeks: we expect to receive the item from a nearby distributor and ship it to you within 2 weeks of your order.
  • Ships within 4-6 weeks: we expect to receive the item from a nearby distributor and ship it to you within 4 to 6 weeks of your order.
  • Out of stock: This item is currently not available for ordering. You can give us your e-mail address and we will notify you when the item is once again available to order.
  • Sold: The item is sold and no longer available.

Audio Samples

Karoon.com offers song samples to help you find the music you're looking for. Audio clips are indicated by a musical note to the right of the track listing. To play the clips, simply click on the song title and your Real Player should automatically open and start playing the clip.

If you don't hear anything when you try to play a clip, you may need to adjust your system's sound configuration or update your sound card drivers.

If you don't have Real Player or if you have an out-of-date version, you can download the most recent version of the player, free of charge.

Searching Tips

There are two basic methods that you can use to search for an item:

  • Use the buttons located on the top of any page to search for a specific item in one of the listed categories (i.e., Books, Music, VHS & DVD, Gallery, etc.). Within each category, you may search for a specific title or browse a number of different titles based on the criteria you select.
  • Use the search box located on the top-left of each page (underneath the categories) to find a specific author or title in one of the listed categories. Keep in mind that you have the option to search all products or a specific category from the drop-down menu. The search field will look through titles, authors, artists, as well as the descriptions of all items.

There are also several ways you can search for a book in Farsi. For example, suppose you are looking for this item. You can use the following methods to locate this title:

  • Type part or all of the title using the English alphabet (e.g., Seh Ketab).
  • Type the English translation of the title (e.g., Three Books).
  • Type in the author's name (e.g.,Zoya Pirzad).
  • Type in a keyword from the description (e.g.,Mesle Hameh Asra).

Farsi Compatibility

For our customers' convenience, Karoon now offers site content in both English and Farsi. For those who prefer to browse our site in the Farsi language, all they have to do is simply click on the small language icon in the upper left-hand corner of the site and the entire site immediately translates into Farsi, preserving the exact same product search, sorting, layout, and detail criteria. Available items in Farsi now include product titles, authors, descriptions, detail, buttons, messages, and much more. Please note that the checkout process and the services category (most of which are bilingual) are not available in Persian.

Requirements for Viewing Farsi

Karoon is designed to fully support all modern web browsers and operating systems (see list below). Some older systems, however, may require the installation of Persian fonts or other similar adjustments to be fully compatible in Farsi.

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP or Vista
  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Web Browsers

Forms of Payment Accepted

We only accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

At this time, we cannot accept any personal checks.

Security of Online Transactions

Shopping at Karoon is 100% safe. In fact, we have the most secure online payment system available today. For more information about credit card security, click here.

Sales Tax

Companies selling over the Internet are subject to the same sales tax collection requirements as any other retailers.

Items sold by Karoon.com and shipped to customers in state of New York are subject to sales tax. The current sales tax rate for New York is 8.875%.

Return Policy

Karoon guarantees your satisfaction 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, it may be returned within 5 business days of purchase when the item is undamaged and the packaging is unopened and intact and we will issue you a full refund.*

Shipping and handling charges will be refunded if we have sent you the wrong item, or if the item sent was damaged and/or defective.

If you have any additional questions, please submit an inquiry on the Support Form.

Mailing Address

If you are returning an item, please let us know within 5 days and return it to us within 30 days of your order. You may return the merchandise to:

1392 Madison Ave
Suite 215
New York, NY 10029


While some question the security of information transmitted over the Internet, we guarantee that our secure servers fully encrypt sensitive data for safe, trouble-free transactions. Karoon utilizes the latest security methods and fraud detection techniques to protect any information entrusted to us. We use an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption mechanism that codes information transferred between you and the server, thus making it illegible to anyone intercepting the information. Credit card information transmitted online is encrypted while in transit so that intercepted information will prove useless. You may verify this by checking your browser's lock indicator, which is usually shown as a picture of a lock or a key.


Karoon's servers are closely monitored in order to prevent any unauthorized disclosure or use of credit card numbers, and to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. Karoon uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) industry standard mechanism, the highest level of security available today for Web-secured applications. SSL relies on a pair of public and private key technologies and is based on a 40-bit encryption algorithm that prevents others from monitoring your personal information.


Karoon uses cookies to track customer visits through our site. Cookies also provide a smoother shopping experience by helping us to uniquely identify shopping carts. Cookies cannot profile your system or collect information from your hard drive. Although you may receive cookies from many different sites, each cookie can only be read by the Web server that originally issued it. At Karoon, we do not use cookies to store credit card numbers or any other sensitive material. However, you may choose to save your login information on your computer, so you don't have to re-enter it in the future. Although your password will not be saved, it will be retrieved from our system using this feature. In order to shop at Karoon, you must enable your browser to receive cookies; otherwise, your orders will be lost. All web browsers receive cookies by default. If you have disabled your cookie feature, remember to turn it back on to be able to shop at Karoon.

Delivery Estimates

At Karoon, we understand how important it is to receive your order in a timely manner within the timeframe you have selected. Each item, therefore, features availability information for your convenience and planning.

During the last step of the simplified checkout process, each item is marked with an estimated shipping date based on the availability of that particular item.

In addition to availability times for individual items, the entire order is also marked with an "estimated delivery date" for the shipment as a whole, which factors in the shipping option you have selected. Such shipping information can be found in the order summary under the Your Account section.

US Shipping

Karoon’s main shipping carrier is the U.S. Postal Service. Depending on where you reside, several different shipping options are available to you. Since all the pertinent shipping information and shipping options are retrieved directly from the Postal Service’s website (USPS.com) in real-time, all prices and information are always up-to-date, thus eliminating any guesswork that could lead to unpleasant surprises. Please note that shipping price is based upon the total weight of items purchased and not the quantity of items.

International Shipping

When you place an order on Karoon that requires international shipment, several options may be available to you depending on your place of residence. If the items ordered are available at any of our international warehouses, a local carrier (such as La Poste) will be selected to minimize cost; otherwise, the items will be shipped from the U.S. internationally. At Karoon, we will always strive to deliver your items in an efficient and cost-effective manner, adjusting shipping prices downward whenever possible. Please note that shipping rates are based on the total weight of items purchased and not the quantity of items.


All packages shipped internationally are subject to Customs inspection. As is the case with any online retailer, Karoon has no control over the inspection process or the duration for which packages may be help prior to undergoing inspection.

Managing Your Account

If you would like to check the status of an order or need to change your account or address information, please login to Your Account using your e-mail address and Karoon.com password. By doing so, you'll be able to view all new and previous orders and track individual shipments.

The following options are available when you login to your account:

View Orders

Allows you to check the status of current orders and to view all previous orders. You can also obtain specific information on the shipment of each order with tracking numbers.

Update Name & E-mail Address

Allows you to modify your name and e-mail address information.

Change Password

At Karoon, we recommend that you change your password frequently. Just follow the simple steps to change your password.

Manage Address Book

Allows you to update, add, or remove your Karoon.com address book.

Modify Credit Cards

Allows you to renew existing credit cards and add new ones.

Viewing Your Orders

After you log-in to "Your Account," you will have the option of viewing the status of your order(s). There are three different status updates:

Authorized. Will ship: orders that you have paid for, but have not yet shipped.

Partially Shipped: orders that have been partially shipped.

All Items Shipped: orders that have been completely shipped.

Changing Password

Your personal information and password may be changed at anytime by simply logging into Your Account.

If you can't remember your password, click on "Forgot Your Password?" on the login page of "Your Account" or during the checkout process and request that your password be e-mailed to you.

If you no longer have access to your registered e-mail address and can't remember your password, please submit an inquiry on the Support Form and we will update your e-mail address

Storing Your E-mail and Password

How does it work?

When you choose the "Save my login information" option on any Karoon login page, our web site sends a small piece of text called a cookie that is stored on your computer. This text represents your username and customer number, which is how you are identified on Karoon. Therefore, the next time you visit Karoon, your login information will automatically be retrieved from your own computer to speed up the login process. Remember, if you choose this option, your password will not be saved on your computer, but rather will be retrieved from our server.

How long will my information be saved?

All cookies have expiration dates. The cookies that keep your login information expire one year after the last time they are used. So, if you don't use your Karoon account for more than a year, the cookies will expire and you will have to reenter you login information. Fortunately, every time your account is used the cookies renew their expiration dates.

When should I use this feature?

This is a good feature if you shop on Karoon frequently using your own home or work computer.

When should I avoid storing my information?

If you use a public computer (in school, at the library, etc.) or if you share your computer with other people, you should not select this feature since it will provide access to your account to anyone who uses the same computer.

How do I turn it off

If you later decide to deactivate this feature at any time, simply go to the "Your Account" login page and uncheck the box that says "Save my login information..." and then click "Continue."


If you select this feature on our secure server, you will not be able to retrieve your login information from our standard server. For example, if you have checked the box on the secure checkout page, your login information will still be retrievable from the "Your Account" page. Since our secure server and our standard server are separate, you will have to select this option on both servers.

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