Sana'i: Selected Poems

by Paul Smith (Translator)

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One of the most prolific and influential Sufi Master Poets of all time Hakim Sana’i (d.1131) composed many ghazals, masnavis, qasidas, qita’s and over 400 ruba’is that influenced all the ruba’i writers that followed him. His long masnavi (rhyming couplets) mystical work The Enclosed Garden of the Truth is said to have had a profound influence on Rumi’s composing of his Masnavi and in Sadi’s composing his Bustan (’The Orchard’). Included in the Introduction are the Life and Times and Poetry of Sana’i and a history of the various poetic forms in which he wrote.
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Language English
Format Paperback
Pages 196
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date 2012
Edition First
ISBN 978-1480054233
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