Luna Y Sol

by Behzad (Artist)

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Luna Y Sol is illustrative of the connection Behzad feels with the elements - at one with sun and moon - forever entwined with the earth and sky - expressing his reverence and awe of our planet through music. As a young boy, Behzad spent many summer nights on a hillside under star filled skies, sitting almost motionless, just him and his guitar. He sat, as he played and dreamed where his music would take. Reflecting on a time when he thought he only wanted to play keyboards, his thoughts raced to the gift his father gave him for his thirteenth birthday. The guitar was a gift that he could easily with others and take with him everywhere he would go.
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Format Audio CD
Instruments Guitar
  1. Secret of the Gypsy
  2. Surrender to Love
  3. Solitude at Dawn
  4. Luna y Sol
  5. Endless Passion
  6. Guitar Twilight
  7. Mystic Oasis
  8. Barcelona Dreams
  9. Viva Espana
  10. The Essence of You
  11. Flamenco Infusion
  12. Romance on the Nile
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