What Happens When We Die?

by Sam Parnia (Author)

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Dr. Sam Parnia faces death everyday. Through his work as a critical-care doctor in the emergency room, he became very interested in some of his patients' accounts of the experiences that they had while clinically dead. He started to collect these stories and read all the latest research on the subject and decided to conduct his own experiments into the state of the human mind and brain at the end of life, by using a cardiac arrest model. That work has culminated in this extraordinary book, that picks up where Raymond Moody's book Life After Life left off. Dr. Parnia's experiments, and several others carried out independently into the state of human consciousness during cardiac arrest, suggest that the mind and consciousness may continue to function when the brain has stopped functioning and the clinical criteria of death has been met.
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Language English
Format Paperback
Pages 240
Publisher Hay House
Publication Date 2007
Edition First
ISBN 1401907113
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