Malekeh-ye Sahra

(Desert Queen)

by Janet Wallach (Author)

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A biography of the woman who, indirectly, was the catalyst for many of the troubles in the Middle East, including the Gulf War. In 1918, Gertrude Bell drew the region's proposed boundaries on a piece of tracing paper. Her qualifications for doing so were her extensive travel, her fluency in both Persian and Arabic, and her relationships with sheiks and tribal and religious leaders. She also possessed an ability to understand the subtle and indirect politeness of the culture, something many of her colonialist comrades were oblivious to. As a self-made statesman her sex was an asset, enabling her to bypass the ladder of protocol and dive into the business of building an Empire.
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Language Farsi
Format Paperback
Pages 413
Publisher Ketab Saray-e Nik
Publication Date 2005
Edition First
ISBN 964-8664-44-7
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