Ketab-e Sabz-e Honar-e Moteghaed Kardan (MP3)

(Little Green Book of Getting Your Way)

by Jeffrey Gitomer (Author)

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Jeffrey Gitomer has written numerous “Little” books on sales and motivational techniques, all titled with signature colors. These books provide straightforward encouragement in a jovial tone. Gitomer offers you information and confidence; he’s not so interested in depth. His mission is to teach the uninformed, the unskilled, the shy and the wary how to be persuasive for their own profit. He opens the door into public speaking and presentations, and tries to imbue his readers with self-assurance by being visually jazzy, super accessible and totally elementary to read. His weapons of choice include full-page big-type quotations (often of his own aphorisms), emphatic repetition of basic advice, plenty of capital letters and pages of informative check-off lists. getAbstract invites novice salespeople (in particular) as well as new speakers and presenters to find a cheerleader here, waving his green pom-poms and yelling catchy advice to help you muster your personal power in public. Length: 5h 29
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Language Farsi
Format Audio
Publisher Pendar-e Taban
Publication Date 2015
Edition First
ISBN 9789648002706
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